Working from home

09 July 2019
The connectivity provided by modern communications channels such as broadband, mobile and fibre means that for millions of employees, home working is now a real possibility. Employees benefit from not having to travel to work and, often, the ability to tailor working hours around other commitments. Employers can benefit from reduced office costs, working hours that extend into the evening and potentially more motivated staff. There are also environmental benefits from the reduced travelling. Downsides include employees not feeling like they are part of the business (although this generally doesn’t develop if home-working is part-time). Employees also need to ensure that home workers are working the hours they claim to be and that they are giving work their full attention when they are. Home workers also have the same rights as those working on business premises, most notably in terms of health and safety. It is employers’ responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe and ergonomically sound, and a full assessment should be performed before allowing a staff member to work from home. Peninsula Business Services can provide advice and assistance on any aspect of employees who work from home. Contact us online today, call 0800 0282 420, or use our callback form to arrange for us to get in touch at a time that is convenient for you.

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