Feedback on the Directors Cut: Younger vs. Older Workers Debate

Peninsula Team

September 02 2011

We have received some of your responses regarding last week’s Director’s Cut when Alan Price asked: can the age of an employee affect the productivity and overall success of a firm? 

You wrote in with your comments and gave a great insight in to the range of opinions on the subject.
Dennis Watkins, Facilities Manager/Shift Coordinator of The Roses Healthcare Limited, said “I would say older persons work well with the younger generation but from my experience younger members of staff are more inclined to take more sick days off, some older members do not like changes to working practices.”

In addition, Malcolm Nicholson, Town Clerk of Weston-super-Mare Town Council, said “While all generalizations are dangerous, as you say both young and older workers tend to bring something to the table. In my experience of 20 years in middle and senior management a mix is best in any team for this very reason – young and old, also male and female. It doesn’t have to be 50/50, just not all the same. In the past I have tried to add a female to an all-male team and a male to an all-female team, and added an older candidate to a young team.”

Lila Bentley commented, “An older person, it is true, does bring experience but also a calmness and relaxed approach to their work” adding that she “would like to see the younger generation take liability and ownership of the task they need to do, to be accountable and show more enthusiasm, like a Friday night going out, the planning organisation and motivation is second to none.”

We thank you for your contributions and welcome comments to future issues of The Bottom Line Express.

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