Find out how we helped Vashi Jewellery with their HR needs

The situation

Vashi, were looking to "expand and cover a wider range of areas" but at the time they could not afford a full-time member of staff to cover and take charge of the HR and employment law elements of such an expansion. Having previously tried to outsource HR and employment law advice to a different company, Vashi found that the service was inconsistent and unavailable during unsociable hours when unexpected issues arose – a big frustration for an enterprising business.

What we did

Peninsula took over the HR function of Vashi’s operations, which included providing updated contracts and other documentation that would aid Vashi’s management teams. "It’s quite simple really, it’s like having a really good member of staff off-site. We don’t have to place too much emphasis on the constant changes and updates from a legal perspective – when there’s an update in legislation, we’re informed straight away and provided with updated documentation." Vashi were also taken aback by Peninsula’s 24 hour advice service, available 365 days a year to help employers with issues of all sizes. "The 24 hour service is very good. The people I talk to at night or on the weekend all check the notes before our call. They’re very efficient, on the ball and address the questions that you need answers to."

The result

Peninsula made sure that they fully understood what Vashi’s expectations and aspirations were before setting out a plan that suited the business’ strategy. By developing a closer relationship, Peninsula had a clearer focus on what needed to be done and could meet the standards which Vashi expected. With watertight contracts, documentation, insurance against tribunal and a team of experts on hand 24/7, Vashi feel "secure" with the knowledge that they can continue to expand their business with a little help from Peninsula. If you want to find out how Peninsula could help you write your success story, then why not speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 028 2420.


The 24 hour service is very good. They’re very efficient, on the ball and address the questions that you need answers to.

Jason Brown

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