Poor performance

09 July 2019
Poor performance at work can be an issue of considerable concern to the employer. It not only reduces productivity but can have a negative impact on the employees who work alongside the poorly performing employee and bring down their performance too. In order to ascertain when an employee is performing poorly it is essential to have a clear job description where expectations and performance levels are detailed. Regular reviews are also a key tool in ensuring an employee’s performance is not falling below par. With a relatively recent recruit, it may be that they are simply not up to the job. In this case, work with them to see if additional training may help overcome the performance issues they are having. With a longer term recruit where there have previously been no performance issues, other factors may be coming into play. Regular reviews help identify performance issues at an early stage and at that stage it is worth discussing with the employee why performance is lagging. It may be that they have lost motivation due to issues at home or with their health, or perhaps they are finding the physical demands of the job too much. It may be that technology has moved on more quickly than they have been able to keep up. Whatever the situation it may be possible to re-train them to help them to become again a valued member of the workplace, or find alternative employment within the firm where they may feel more comfortable and confident.

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