Risk assessment in the workplace

09 July 2019
Carrying out a workplace risk assessment is often one of the most dreaded tasks faced by employers, business owners and HR staff. And for a good reason – it’s usually a long and complex process, which needs to be repeated or updated regularly. However, Peninsula clients can benefit from expert health and safety advice and services that make workplace risk assessment much simpler. When you become a Peninsula client you will receive a business risk management pack. This will include a workplace risk assessment form for each separate type of risk, including fire, manual handling, hazardous substances and specific employee risks. There will also be plenty of advice to help you fill out these workplace risk assessment templates, with the 24 hour employment law helpline available to answer any further queries. It’s important to remember that risk assessment is vastly different for every industry, business type and the nature of work carried out – so unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, readymade risk assessment form.

Online workplace risk assessment tools

The HR outsourcing software provided by Peninsula can make your workplace risk assessment procedures much more efficient and secure:
  • Fire risk assessment software includes thorough checklists, and determines what actions need to be taken automatically.
  • The responsibilities manager allows you to assign health and safety tasks to different members of staff, and check they have been completed.
  • Your risk assessment templates, records and schedules will all be stored online, ready to be accessed and updated as needed.

Managing risks in other ways

Of course, not all risks are visible to the naked eye. If you’d like to conduct a workplace stress risk assessment, Peninsula’s employee assistance programme includes online stress tests. This means work related stress can be spotted early on, and addressed with face to face counselling sessions and active intervention. Meanwhile, we provide clients with online advice and an employer helpline for problems such as workplace bullying, discrimination and absenteeism. By taking stock of the situation and knowing what you’re up against, the risks to your staff’s mental wellbeing can be minimised and countered in the same way as the physical risks.

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