The benefits of outsourcing your health & safety

Noel Collins - Health and Safety Team Leader

December 16 2021

Last updated: December 16th, 2021

Employers in Ireland have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees. They also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of those affected by their business activities.

Part of protecting employee health and safety is that the employees themselves have adequate knowledge of health and safety. But, health and safety legislation in Ireland is complex and contains many rules and regulations which are subject to frequent change.

Ensuring compliance with health & safety regulations in Ireland can pose several challenges for employers. Failing to have adequate policies in place when an accident or injury occurs can lead to large fines and possible prosecution. To prevent such scenarios, many employers outsource their health and safety needs to Peninsula…

The benefits of outsourcing your health & safety needs

Reduced risk

Outsourcing your health & safety needs can ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Creating a safer environment, in turn, decreases the risk of accidents in the workplace and reduces the risk of liability. Having access to expert advice will provide greater clarity and ensure that you receive industry-specific information. It can also help you plan and reduce the risk of non-compliance. This will save you from breaching health and safety regulations─breaches that often lead to fines and reputational damage.

Outsourcing also helps you to protect your business’s assets. It reduces both the risk of accidents and financial loss.

Increased efficiency

Frequent changes in health and safety legislation can make it difficult for employers to keep up to date. Outsourcing your health & safety eliminates this worry.

With one of our health & safety experts taking care of your health & safety, business efficiency will increase as you have more time to focus on what matters most. And let’s not forget the benefits of having health & safety software and health & safety advice at the ready 24/7. These options provide instant guidance on your most pressing issues whenever you need them.

For more on the cutting-edge health & safety software we provide, check out BrightSafe.

Reduced costs

A large hurdle for many SMEs is the cost of employing a health & safety expert. It’s often an added expense that is too costly for a business to justify.

When you outsource your health & safety, you not only enlist the help of the experts, you save on the costs of hiring a full-time employee. This makes it easier to ensure your business is compliant and avoids the significant expense of hiring a safety expert.

Greater flexibility

Having an expert take care of your health & safety management keeps your company one step ahead of the competition. It ensures that you can be flexible and respond to changes as they occur. Our consultants will often identify issues and resolve them too, helping you to avoid potential risks.

Consultants will become familiar with your business and develop bespoke plans to suit your requirements. If your business grows or diversifies, a health & safety consultant will be ready to respond. They will be able to increase the scope of the services you need, providing immediate and extra support when required to respond to legislative changes.

Outsourcing your health & safety needs will help you navigate unforeseen circumstances too, assisting you to mitigate damage after an incident, or respond to sudden changes.

Less reactive

Our health & safety consultants will help you see the bigger picture and avoid reacting rashly to issues as they arise.

As a business owner, you may be too close to the processes to see wider-reaching issues. By being independent, health and safety consultancy can provide unique insights. A health & safety consultant can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, offer ideas, practical solutions and be impartial to your issues.

Better business management and reputation

Creating more effective health & safety practices at work makes it a much more desirable place to work. This, in turn, helps you to promote a safe culture when hiring new employees.

Better workplace health & safety practices also improve your business reputation. Giving off the right signals to partners, customers, and competitors can improve your business’s worth, integrity, and status. These are three factors that can set you apart from other businesses in the marketplace.

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