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Peninsula Team

July 27 2012

The Employment Law landscape in Ireland is consistently changing, with new legislation or case decisions affecting the way we think and look at issues in the workplace. At Peninsula Business Services, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive timely and up to date advice on Employment Law and HR matters, and stay up to date on current amendments or changes to Employment legislation and best practice in Ireland.

To aid us in our endeavours we adopt a varied range of approaches that help us to keep you informed. Outlets such as the half yearly Bottom Line magazine and the Bottom Line Express monthly e-zine, as well as the yearly review of your Peninsula documentation which is amended taking into account any updates, have been our established networks for keeping our clients up to date on matters.

We also employ a special Stop Press Edition of the Bottom Line Express, which runs outside the normal schedule, to advise clients of updates which they need to be informed of immediately.

However, as Employment Law changes so too must our communication tools for our clients. In the past year we have reacted to these changes, and added to our traditional methods of keeping our clients informed. In keeping with the increasing usage of Social Media, we have launched the Peninsula Ireland Twitter account to post information relating to any HR updates or news items which clients may need to know.

Our Twitter profile is @pbsireland and by adding us to your own Twitter account you will receive daily updates from our Advice Service on the matters that affect your business, as well as important information relating to upcoming training events that may be taking place in your area.

In the last number of months we have also moved to create an Employment Law and HR blog to keep people up to date on the latest developments. The blog is updated each day with topical news items, HR advice, how to guides, and a very popular landmark cases feature, where each week we would give a breakdown of a particular case which has had a significant impact on Employment Law in Ireland, and how tribunals are looking and ruling on certain issues.

If you wish to view the Peninsula Ireland blog you can do so by going to www.thepeninsulairelandblog.wordpress.comor alternatively by joining the Peninsula Ireland LinkedIn or Twitter pages where links to the latest blog posts will be displayed as soon as they are available on line.

Having looked at the Social Media avenues of communication, we have not stopped there in trying to proactively inform and communicate updates to clients; we have also launched a Peninsula Employment Law update, which is emailed to our clients each quarter. The Update details how legislative and best practice updates will directly affect the Advice and Documentation our clients receive.

Updates to our staff handbook and contracts of employment will be detailed along with the rationale behind such changes, and if they can expect any amendments to the advice received from our Advice Service. If you are not currently signed up to this service please email [email protected] to register.

We are committed to ensuring that clients remain informed and up to date on the latest employment law and HR developments and should you wish to discuss any of the above mentioned Peninsula initiatives please contact our Advice Service on 01 855 5050  

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