Peninsula's HR Doctor on Dublin City FM

Peninsula Team

October 28 2011

Over the last five weeks Peninsula Business Services has held a regular slot on Dublin City FM’s morning business show, ‘Good Morning Dublin’, for the purposes of providing expert employer-oriented employment law advice for the show’s 25,000 strong morning listenership.

The Good Morning Dublin show engages listeners through its interesting business content with contributors from all walks of the business spectrum. With Peninsula Business Services’ contribution the radio station has added to its array of already interesting genres and topics.

Dublin City FM has a wide ranging listenership and with thousands of listeners across the city of Dublin, the response has been phenomenal. Many employers have contacted the show and the on-going dialogue between Killian, primarily, and the show presenter, Ivan Agar, keeps the public enthralled throughout the 20 minute show.

Over the last five weeks and since taking up the morning slot every Thursday morning between 10:15 and 10:35,  senior employment law advisors Killian O’Byrne and Alan Hickey have gone live on air for every Thursday morning and have provided expert advice on topics as diverse as disciplinary procedures, redundancy and bullying and harassment.  Listeners are free to text, call and email the show with their queries and engage in the topic of conversation.

The show’s host Ivan Agar, who is from a business consultancy background, has asked some challenging questions and this has allowed for interesting and lively debate on a weekly basis. As well as the legislative obligations expected of employers, the Peninsula advisors provide advice and feedback on the practical implications of business developments in the current environment.

With a surge in listenership reported by the host DJ, the morning show weekly guest appearance is set to continue. The interaction and information discussed is aimed at giving the general public and business owners alike, a better understanding of some of the most fundamental aspects of employment law in Ireland.

To tune in, simply turn to 103.2 on your radio dial every Thursday morning from 10am. If any employer is faced with an employment law matter, please phone the 24 Hour Advice Service on 01 8555050 and one of our experienced advisors will be happy to assist.

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