Guidance for Employers on Reopening

Instant HR and health & safety advice on all of the challenges your business faces while reopening. Bookmark the page and check back regularly for further guidance.

Essential employer guidance

The documents below are updated regularly and provide you with the latest advice and guidance to help you through the reopening process and beyond. Always check back in for the latest updates and contact your Peninsula advice team on 01 855 5050 (Dublin) or 021 212 9917 (Cork).

Essential advice 

DOWNLOAD: Working through COVID-19: Guidance for Employers

DOWNLOAD: Coronavirus: An Employer’s Guide to Income and Business Supports

DOWNLOAD: COVID-19: Varying Terms & Conditions

DOWNLOAD: Home Working: Employee Health & Safety and Wellbeing

DOWNLOAD: Physical Distancing Poster

DOWNLOAD: Safe Use of Face Coverings

Disclaimer: The information provided here relates to a new, untested area of law arising out of extraordinary circumstances. The guidance is being updated regularly and it is important that you speak to our expert HR advisors on the subject. Reliance on any views expressed is specifically excluded.

VIDEO: Changing My Employees' Terms & Conditions during COVID-19

This video discusses the aspects of changing employees' terms & conditions, including:

    • Express & Implied Terms
    • Process of how to change T&Cs
    • Risks associated
    • Step by step guide
    • Checklist to double check

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