Fire Risk Assessment

A basic guide to the legal requirement for fire risk assessment at places of work.


Every employer and every person in control of shared premises where there are commercial relationships has a responsibility to implement fire safety arrangements and procedures at those premises.

The basic requirement is that people can use the premises without risk of being trapped or injured by a fire. To identify what arrangements and procedures are appropriate to a building or workplace, the responsible person needs to complete a fire risk assessment for the premises. This in itself is a legal requirement in Ireland. If multiple employers occupy a building, their fire risk assessments will have interdependencies.

Every occupier and the landlord is required to co-operate and work together to ensure the safety of every person in the building in the event of a fire.

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  • The components of fire
  • Who can complete a fire risk assessment?
  • Fire hazards
  • People at risk
  • Means of escape
  • How to plan and train

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