Long-term Sick Leave

Has your business been affected by a case of long-term sick leave? To handle this tricky situation, you’ll need the right advice.

Long-term sick leave can cause its fair share of headaches. Your employees who are fit to work will have an extra workload on their hands, output may suffer, and you’ll have to carefully manage the employee with a long-term illness.

As an employer, it’s vital that you understand the risks of mishandling long-term sick leave. You don’t have to employ someone who is not capable of doing the job but you must ensure you comply with fair procedures if you need to terminate the contract of an employee who falls ill.

To learn more about how to deal with this difficult scenario, see our free guide below.

Download this free guide to learn more about:

  • Contractual protection
  • Welfare meetings
  • Accessing medical records
  • Medical capability hearings
  • Dismissal due to ill health
  • Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)

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