Statutory Sick Pay

From 1st January 2023, the Statutory Sick Pay scheme will apply to all employers and employees in Ireland. 

The Statutory Sick Pay scheme aims to provide a minimum level of protection to low-paid employees who have no access to an employer’s sick pay scheme. It does, however, also apply to all employees, and it’ll have a major impact on employers, too.

This new scheme aims to bring Ireland in line with many other European countries that already have mandatory paid sick leave for employees in place. It introduces new rights and protections for employees by providing the legal entitlement for them to be paid while off sick.

Download this free template letter to: 

  • Provide written confirmation of the Statutory Sick Pay scheme coming into effect
  • Communicate the details of the scheme to your employees
  • Ensure that your business stays fully compliant throughout the legislative change 

Expert advice on sick leave

Peninsula can help you to update your employment documentation to ensure it is compliant with the Statutory Sick Pay requirements. This includes updating your contracts, policies and employee handbooks. 

Should any questions or issues arise between your business and an employee, expert support is just a phone call away. Contact us on 0818 923 923.

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