Collective Agreements Advice Guide

16 April 2019

See also ‘Employment Regulation Orders’ and ‘Registered Employment Agreements’ - Some employees in Ireland are covered by agreements which are apart from traditional employment legislation and which govern their terms and conditions specifically in relation to pay and working conditions in respect of their employment.

These various agreements on pay and conditions made by Joint Labour Committees (JLCs) are known as Employment Regulation Orders (EROs).

Agreements which result from negotiations between trade unions and employers are called Collective Agreements.

If a Collective Agreement has been registered with the Labour Court it is known as a Registered Employment Agreement (REA).

It is important to note that EROs were rendered unconstitutional in July 2011.

Since then, the Government has conducted a substantial review and overhaul of the JLC/ERO and REAs system and new legislation around EROs and REAs has been enacted as of August 2012.

The new legislation was introduced with a view to curing any perceived constitutional defects that existed and we can expect to see the specifics of each agreement early in 2013.

Once this occurs, the EROs will once again be valid in their revised form and will apply to all employers that fall within their remit and any potential difficulties that exist within the current REA system ought to be resolved.

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