Accident Records

11 February 2013
Employers need to keep a record of every workplace accident that results in injury. It doesn’t matter whether the injured person is a direct worker, agency staff, a contractor, customer or visitor. Whatever the incident, the injury should be recorded in an accident book. The accident book should be available at all times and record the name of the injured person, the date and time of the injury and a brief description of the injury, where it happened and its cause. Provided these details are kept there is no requirement to use a particular form. You must, however, make sure that personal data is stored in compliance with the Data protection Act. Every incident causing injury should be considered for its potential for similar or more serious injuries and measures to prevent a recurrence. The extent of the consideration given to each injury should reflect the potential for more serious injuries or damage to plant and equipment. Incidents involving serious injuries or with the potential for serious injury should receive an in-depth investigation.     See also: Accident Investigation; Accident Reporting.

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