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Cut down on admin with BusinessSafe Online, the online health & safety management software for small businesses

Our service includes

Risk assessment tools

Tasks & reminders

Accident reporting & management system

Safety posters

Introducing BusinessSafe Online

Did you know—the average small business owner spends more than 68% of their time on admin?

That means you’ve got less than a third of your workday to build your business, improve your services, and work on the job you love.

So imagine what you could achieve if you cut down on daily admin.

BusinessSafe Online is the online health & safety system that helps you do just that.

No looking up new laws, poring over HSE protocol or writing safety records from scratch. Just freedom to pursue your passion.

Here’s how BusinessSafe Online works…

Time-saving health & safety software

  • Make risk assessments easy. Follow step-by-step guides to carry out assessments fast and to HSE standards.
  • Forget filing cabinets and paperwork. Store all your policies and documents in one secure place online.
  • Access a library of ready-made forms, posters and logbooks. All designed by our health & safety experts to cover you in any event.
  • Log accidents, near misses and evidence online. Spot hazards and the people most at risk, and link supporting photos to each incident report.
  • Never miss a health & safety deadline. Assign work to staff and set reminders for important tasks such as formal investigations.

Get support anytime, anywhere

BusinessSafe Online is cloud-based, so your data is secure and accessible wherever you are.

Plus, the software is backed by 24/7 advice from Peninsula’s expert team. So whether you’re facing a health & safety crisis or just need to talk something through, we’re here.

See BusinessSafe Online in action

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