Although we believe in prevention rather than cure, in managing health and safety to avoid injuries and incidents with Peninsula BusinessSafe you will benefit from a health and safety insurance policy to protect against legal expenses in the event of enforcement action by the authorities.

With the benefit of our health and safety consultant’s evaluation reports and recommended action plans along with our 24/7 Health & Safety Advice Line our clients should be effective in their management of health and safety at work. However, should there be enforcement action by the Health & Safety authorities and you have followed Peninsula’s advice, you will be protected against legal expenses.

How will this protection be achieved?

We will take out an insurance policy on your behalf, with an insurer authorised and regulated by the FCA. The policy can be arranged to provide for payment of legal costs in:

  • defending criminal prosecutions within scope of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which can be very costly, often equalling or exceeding the penalty.
  • raising appeals against Prohibition or Improvement Notices.
  • providing support for interviews under caution or when enforcement action is being contemplated by the Enforcing Authority.
  • paying Fee For Information (FFI) invoices from the Health and Safety Executive where significant breaches that don’t warrant more formal action are identified.

Are there conditions or exclusions?

As with all insurance policies there are some exclusions and conditions. Please call us today to discuss any further details of the policy.