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Running a business is one thing; running a small business, where you are solely responsible for the company, is an entirely different matter. Small business owners have the welfare of their staff, the maintenance of a health and safety policy, and compliance with all kinds of legislation on their shoulders and they must become, in essence, the company’s HR department as well as its manager.

Often, small businesses could do with a helping hand, an expert opinion, or just reassurance that they’re doing everything right. For that reason, our small business service clients gain free legal advice including:

  • Access to a wide range of employment law guidance notes on the hronline resource hub, as well as tools to facilitate business management and help with employment documentation and contracts;
  • The hronline Advice Service, where employers can seek advice via email from an employment law expert where this is more convenient than a phone call, or when advice on confidential matters needs to be sought in an open office;
  • The 24 Hour Employment Law Advice Service for small businesses, where our team of employment law experts is on hand to answer any question big, small or routine at any time;
  • Peninsula’s website contains an A-Z Employer’s Advice Guide, which you can consult at your leisure for free legal advice on everything from Absenteeism to Young People In The Workplace.

Free legal advice for small businesses

The small business package is available for companies with five employees or less for a fixed monthly fee. That means no matter how much you use the above legal services, you won’t receive a large bill for additional charges. It includes bespoke documentation, small business insurance, and, significantly, legal advice on employment law matters for small businesses. As a result, it’s a comprehensive service that aims to reduce lessens burden on small business owners.

It’s a fact that the monthly cost of the small business package is much lower than the cost of hiring a HR professional. Furthermore, Peninsula isn’t just one HR consultant with this package, you’ll have the expertise of a whole team behind you.

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