Peninsula Face2Face

Peninsula Team

August 20 2013

We recognised that it can be time-consuming and often challenging for businesses to conduct investigations, disciplinary or capability processes and grievance hearings with employees.  It does divert the focus of owners, directors and managers from successfully operating businesses and in such situations peninsulaface2face support and assistance is proving invaluable. In a short period of time the progress of peninsulaface2face has been fantastic but what has delighted us more than anything is the superb feedback we have been receiving from clients telling us the difference peninsulaface2face is making for them. It means that we are delivering a great new service that our clients require. At present peninsulaface2face service is available for the following situations:-

  • Conducting investigations and holding investigatory meetings, including the detailed investigations needed in cases of potential fraud, theft, bullying or harassment
  • Holding grievance and grievance appeal meetings
  • Supporting and assisting the appointed manager to conduct disciplinary and capability hearings and related appeals
  • Attendance at redundancy and TUPE consultation meetings, providing expertise in these potentially difficult and complex situations
  • Coaching and mentoring for Directors and Managers to successfully run a relevant meeting relating to a peninsulaface2face exercise.

Some of the feedback we have received from clients so far is that it has allowed Directors and Managers to focus on “running their business”, but also that “it was great to have someone owning the issue meaning confidence and comfort was provided at a difficult time”, and “it took the emotion away from a difficult and complex situation in a more small business”. peninsulaface2face is available for all of our clients and for further information, please contact the peninsulaface2face information line on 0161 827 8548 or email [email protected]

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