Managing health & safety in social care

Get everything you need to protect your people, meet your social care health & safety responsibilities, and deliver an exceptional service for your residents.

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Support to meet your social care health & safety responsibilities

Running a care home means taking on a lot of health & safety responsibilities. That includes:

  • Providing a safe place for staff to work – free from work-related violence and aggression.
  • Giving employees health & safety training on moving and handling, equipment safety and more.
  • Producing written health & safety procedures, such as policies on fire safety in health & social care.
  • And meeting a range of guidelines affecting health & safety in care homes, such as those set out by the CQC in England, HIS in Scotland and HIW in Wales.

If that sounds like a lot to think about, don’t worry. Because Peninsula’s here to help.

From giving you access to 24/7 health & safety advice to writing health & safety policies tailored to your care home, we help you comply with industry standards and protect your people.

Which means you spend less time worrying about rules, regulations, and paperwork and more time working on what really matters — delivering high quality care.

Peninsula H&S services have been instrumental in taking the development of our BSO platform to the next level by helping us to tailor it around our specific business needs.

They have also developed a bespoke H and S training workshop which they then delivered to my staff, as well as helping us to design a suite of auditing documentation which enables us to ensure H and S remains at key priority and the relevant tasks have been completed. With the H&S support and that of BSO we are constantly improving our H and S practices and are committed to becoming a model of excellence.

Carl Butler


5 stars

Peninsula have been our Health and Safety Advisor for nearly 4 years. During this time they have provided us with an excellent service through a 24/7 advisory on-line system. We are also supplied with a personal consultant, who has given us outstanding service and professional advice often with little notice from ourselves. As part of the service we get visits by the Consultant to all our sites. These have been invaluable particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting improvements we can make to ensure the safety of our staff and mitigating the difficulties and challenges of sharing office and communal space with other organisations.

Peninsula also provide us with a suite of Health & Safety documentation including policies, procedures, good practice guides and relevant forms. These are adapted to ensure they fit with the organisation, refreshed and updated when needed and are straightforward and easy to understand. Having Peninsula as our health and safety provider has given us the assurance and peace of mind. I would highly recommend Peninsula to any organisation.

David Beardow - Governance Officer

Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group

5 stars

Top tier service on all fronts, no matter what advice, guidance or help you need. Peninsula has a personable, knowledgeable and experienced consultant available. We operate in a niche market and nonetheless Peninsula has been able to facilitate our needs with an outstanding level of professionalism and effectiveness at every step. In particular we would like to highlight our H&S Consultant from Peninsula for whom nothing is too much, too difficult or complex. Superb service from him and the team at large.

Sanjiv Patel – Director 

Acheron Care

5 stars

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Take the hassle out of health & safety in social care settings

Care home health & safety audits

Our consultants can visit your workplace and provide you with everything you need to stay safe

  • Practical advice in plain English – you want to focus on what’s important, so we’ll stick to the essentials
  • Identify your workplace risks – we help you protect your patients or staff
  • Meet HSE requirements – so you can feel confident you’re fully compliant

Health & safety policies for care settings

We write all your health & safety policies for you, such as policies on fire safety in health and social care.

  • Expert guidelines – protect yourself, your staff, and your patients with our support
  • Outsource your documentation – save time and effort as we do the legal legwork
  • Watertight policies – don’t risk any legal claims with inconsistent or poorly-written policies

Annual health & safety reviews

Get the reassurance and advice you need for each year of your contract.

  • Yearly check-ins – so you’ll know your business is up to speed with the latest requirements
  • Expert advice – our consultants are highly trained to answer any concern or query

Health & safety software for care homes

BrightSafe software helps you keep on top of your health & safety management.

  • Create risk assessments – save time with step-by-step guides and handy templates
  • Keep your policies in one place – never lose paperwork again with our secure system
  • Expert online training – learn the latest guidance and boost your skills

BrightSafe health & safety app

Manage health & safety in care settings on the go with the BrightSafe app.

  • Identify hazards in real-time – and instantly know if you need to act
  • See which tasks need completing – so you never miss a deadline
  • Complete e-learning courses on the go – at a time that suits you
  • Contact experts at the touch of a button – wherever you are

24/7 health & advice for social care

Got a health & safety issue in your care home? Phone our expert consultants at a time that suits you – day or night.

  • 24/7 helpline – even if you’re working the night shift, we’ll always pick up the phone.
  • Unlimited support – phone us as many times as you like.
  • UK-based experts – quality advice from our in-house consultants.

Get health & safety for care right with BrightSafe

Peninsula’s smart health & safety software, BrightSafe, makes it quick and easy for you and your team to meet social care worker health and safety responsibilities.

Plus, it also gives you a suite of online tools to help you meet CQC and HSE laws, including:

  • CQC responsibilities navigator. Stay on top of all your CQC tasks in one place online, making it easy to keep your organisation up to standard.
  • Care specific risk assessment templates. Create professional risk assessments quickly with a range of bespoke templates for social care organisations.
  • E-learning courses. Stay up to date on the biggest issues in health & safety in health and social care settings with expert e-learning courses for you and your staff.

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Leave your HR to the UK’s leading experts

Working in care can be demanding. When you’re dedicated to looking after your patients, juggling any staff issues might seem like a big task.

That’s why we help care providers deal with their common HR concerns:

  • Making the right recruitment decisions and carrying out necessary suitability checks
  • Checking migrant workers’ right to work in the UK
  • Managing zero hour contracts
  • Making sure you meet national minimum wage laws, particularly with sleep-in shifts or travel between service user visits

And it doesn’t end there. From redundancies to tribunals, we’re here to support you through whatever you’re dealing with.

Our HR consultants are here to help you save time and reduce risk. From writing your employee policies to providing you with 24/7 advice, you can rely on our experts to take the hassle out of your HR.

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