At the weekend it's good to switch off from work but be prepared for when inspiration strikes

Peninsula Team

May 05 2013

The weekend, for most people is the time to take a breather away from work. For me that is taking time out to switch off from being a director for Peninsula Business Services. However for many entrepreneurs the weekend is just another opportunity to continue working. My mode of thinking and working changes and I encourage others to do the same. On a Friday I look at what objectives I set up for the week, how many did I achieve, what did I do right, what could I have done better and then I look at what I need to roll over for the next week. I keep Saturday and Sunday free to think about business ideas, I like to look at how I can move my business forward, what new ideas are open to me. At the same time I spend time with my family and friends, I think it’s important to take the weekend as an opportunity to switch off from work. I know it’s almost impossible to do this, however I think it is essential. It doesn’t mean you can stop thinking about work but I would suggest that you prioritise differently at the weekend.

Something that I know always helps me is carrying a notepad or a moleskin with you, it’s a great way to quickly write notes. The weekend has often provided me with an opportunity to think about business objectives, future vision and plans for the next week. Use your notepad to jot down those ideas. Do yourself a favour, keep your notepad at the side of your bed, you will be amazed at when inspiration will strike. So enjoy the weekend and try to switch off from work but keep the notepad handy for when inspiration strikes.

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