Common sense should allow us to watch the eclipse safely

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

March 30 2015

Whilst it seems obvious let’s make it clear that we all need safeguards in place to watch the eclipse. Obviously you and your employees do not wish to be looking directly at the sun, clearly there is a chance of blindness or permanent damage to your eyes. The good news is there are still retail outlets available that charge a small fee for a pair of glasses that will allow you and your employees to enjoy the event safely.   Also check out websites such as the BBC or online astronomy websites, they outline simple tricks that will allow you to capture the event - rather Blue Peter style, but it should work. Yes it’s all common-sense, however I am sure that there will be people who fail to take note and end up having to pay a visit to their Dr or even worse A&E. Hopefully the clouds will part and we will all be able to enjoy the eclipse safely.

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