Director's Cut: Is There Too Much Red Tape When Disciplining Someone?

Peninsula Team

November 11 2011

Do you find it frustrating that you have to follow so many rules and procedures when it comes to disciplining someone? Do you walk on eggshells when disciplining someone? These days it seems all too easy that a disgruntled employee can take you to an employment tribunal. 

The Labour Government introduced a raft of legislative changes that made it easier for employees to take their employer to tribunal. Even at the interview stage a potential candidate can take you to tribunal, there are so many questions that you are not allowed to ask, religion and health being just some of the topics where caution should be applied. 

It seems in the past you could discipline someone and that would be the end of it. Today we have to follow lengthy procedures to discipline, even then we are supposed to provide them with extra encouragement, training, and assistance and help to ensure they are given the tools to improve. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for employee rights but the right balance has to be sought so that employers are not restricted when they wish to dismiss an employee. Do you find it frustrating the amount of red tape you have to follow when all you want to do is dismiss someone not up to the job? 

As always I welcome your thoughts;

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