How employing interns and graduates can benefit your business

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

August 14 2015

With the need for fresh talent and skills in the workplace, it may be beneficial to you, as an employer to look further into a pool of candidates who are eagerly awaiting the chance to gain experience and prove themselves as fully fledged professionals.  Of course, I am talking about student interns and newly qualified graduates. Deciding to recruit from this demographic can provide you with access to flexible skilled workers who eventually may turn into permanent and invaluable employees. Graduates and interns bring forth new ideas and differing perspectives that can provide you with an increased edge over the competition, by enabling you to construct a better use of your time, reduce costs and help your business to grow and develop. Do not let their young age fool you, interns and graduates enter the workplace ready to take on any challenges set, looking to gain valuable insight into their industry of choice and gain experience that will put them ahead other candidates applying for the same jobs. As an employer, or even an employee who has worked with a company for a prolonged period of time, we can become stuck in old ways of thinking. This is where graduates and interns can step in. Without a predisposed idea of how a business should run, interns and graduates offer innovative new ideas and a fresh perspective that can challenge traditional ways of thinking, often for the better. Additionally, they are naturally inquisitive and therefore tend to ask questions, which can be beneficial as they may raise points which could have initially been overlooked. Another great reason to employ interns and graduates is that they can help you overcome workload struggles. It may be that you have a new project on the books, or that you have just become inundated with work to the point where you and your employees are overwhelmed.  In this instance, interns and graduates provide great assistance as they are more than willing to get their hands dirty and contribute on meaningful tasks that will provide them with a chance to impress and make a real difference to your company. Finally, young professionals often come equipped with knowledge on the latest technology. Generation Y have been brought up with a multitude of computer software and gadgets that make them a whiz with areas such as social media. Their tech savvy capabilities will be useful to your company and clients, perhaps enhancing your skill-set, whilst they themselves receive an enriching experience that will be invaluable to their future. Investing in the future of young professionals is a great way to generate value in the business community. As an employer, you will benefit from having an individual who will be grateful for the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, whilst potentially adding value to your company in both profit and the addition of great employee. For advice on employing young workers then contact the Peninsula Advice Service on 0844 892 2772. 

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