Keeping employee spirits high during the autumn season

David Price – CEO of Health Assured

September 30 2015

As we witness the colder autumn months slowly creeping in, we also welcome, albeit unwillingly the introduction of darker mornings and earlier nights, which can have a negative effect on our mood and motivation. As these seasonal changes occur, our first inclination is to head into hibernation mode, where parts of our existing behaviours begin to shut down, sometimes unconsciously. This can take a toll on the morale of the work environment, consequently effecting how your business functions on a daily basis, which can prove disastrous for your businesses productivity. Whilst employers cannot control the changing seasons and what they bring with them, what you can do is create a positive atmosphere for your employees, making slight adjustments or enhancing current procedures to make the workplace a more comfortable and work conducive environment during bleaker periods outside. Colder mornings often leave employees feeling melancholic and lethargic. One remedy to help perk your employees up in the morning is to hold creative thought shower sessions on ways to enhance or enrich the workplace, which will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will encourage employees to get their creative juices flowing, enabling them to add their input on various aspects of the business, for example different methods to approach upcoming projects. Secondly, it will help employers develop innovative ways to develop the company and keep their competitive edge. It is important to keep this meetings light and fun, allowing colleagues to interact and engage with each other, motivating them for the day ahead. Developing a culture of appreciation is another great step to improving employee motivation during the autumn months. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve monetary incentives, as employees often value a simple thank you more than a financial gain. Effective short-term morale boosters include giving employees recognition when they have added value to a project. Sometimes offering a smile and a congratulations for their hard work and dedication gives employees a feeling of worth and value in the workplace, whilst showing that you, as the employer care about your staff and the work they produce. If you haven’t implemented this practice already, I would strongly advise you do so in the immediate future. During this time of year employees may feel like they want to start winding down, but productivity should always be a focus regardless of the time of year. If you notice that your employees are starting to become disengaged at work and are lacking enthusiasm, it may be worthwhile encouraging your team to develop new skills by assigning any spare moments in the day to training. I appreciate that time is a precious commodity in business, but dedicating some of that time to the development of your staff will help rejuvenate their passion for the job, whilst ensuring that their skills are growing in line with your company objectives. Autumn needn’t be a time of low morale and productivity in the workplace. Employers should plan ahead for the upcoming months to ensure that their employees are being utilised to their full capacity. Keeping your employees energised and motivated to work consistently throughout the year is vital to both the success of the company and their future careers. Hopefully, the aforementioned solutions will provide you with some ideas of how to inspire your workforce during the colder, darker months. For more advice on this issue, please contact the Health Assured on 0808 278 073.

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