Making Employees Feel Valued On A Budget

Peninsula Team

August 20 2012

I am on a tight budget and want to know ways that I can make my employees feel more valued for their efforts? It can be difficult to make staff feel valued when financial incentives are not an option. They need to believe that the company is treating them genuinely and fairly and is not simply taking advantage of them. Your employees need to feel that they are respected and valued for their contribution and are being treated equally. Show them that you value their efforts. Look at the work that your employees are doing and see if they are aware of the end result. Make sure you communicate positive things rather than just talking to your employees when something has gone wrong. Let your employees know when things have turned out well and if you have received any positive comments. Acknowledge the part that they have played in achieving that result which shows that you recognise that what they do is important. The best way to show employees that you value them is to reward hard work.  You may not be able to give salary increases across the company but can you recognise some individuals on a discretionary basis for the work they have put in where they have gone the extra mile for the company.  If your company is split into different departments are you making it clear that you value the work of each of the different departments equally? Many companies fall into the trap of only recognising the work of the departments that demonstrably create revenue. However, the work of your other departments in providing or supporting your product or preventing you from losing money is equally as important and should also be recognised. If money isn’t an option then look at what you can do to reward your employees in some other way or to reduce their costs for attending work. Consider allowing home working or flexibility on working hours.  If your employees can reduce their travel or childcare costs or have more control over their working hours then this will show that you recognise the pressures they are under and that you trust and respect them. Consider increasing their holiday entitlement. Try and make the workplace as happy a place as possible. Make sure the heating and lighting is appropriate and control the noise levels so that your employees are comfortable at work. Employees will feel more valued if you can show that you are trying to address their concerns and are appreciative of what they do. By Ellen Singer For any further clarification, please call our 24 Hour Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.  

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