Employment tribunal services

09 July 2019
Whenever times are hard, there is a sharp increase in the number of employment tribunals, just as we have seen recently. This is exacerbated by any changes to employment law, such as the Equality Act, the Pensions Act, the abolition of default retirement age and changes affecting agency workers. So much time and energy goes into running or managing a business that employers often find it difficult to keep abreast of all these changes, or adjust their policies and documentation accordingly. Peninsula clients can benefit from a range of resources and services aimed at preventing an employer ever being taken to employment tribunal. These include a 24-hour employment law helpline and an online resource centre for when you need information in a hurry, as well as employment law training for managers and employers to provide a deeper understanding of best practice. Clients will also be kept up-to-date with any new or impending legislation that may affect their business. Tribunal advice and preparation If the worst happens and you are served with tribunal papers, Peninsula will support you throughout the process, and minimise the impact on your business. Our employment law specialists will provide employment tribunal advice and preparation services including:
  • Liaising with the claimant’s representative and the Employment Tribunal Office
  • Preparing evidence for your hearing, and dealing with any requests from the claimant’s representative
  • Legal research into the relevant legislation and cases that set a precedent
  • Full advice and support during the tribunal process
  • Full advice and support on how to conduct interviews and tribunal investigations, including all the documentation and guidance that you will need
  • Agreeing an employment tribunal settlement with the claimant if that is how you want to proceed

Employment tribunal representation

When it comes to the hearing itself, our service includes employment tribunal representation. Peninsula’s specialist tribunal team will ensure the process is made as simple as possible. With the support of Peninsula’s specialist team, we can help you to free up critical management time. As one of the UK’s leading employment law experts, our experience helps to protect your business not just during tribunals, but from the threat of them too. Employment tribunals are common these days and can be damaging, even devastating, to a business. If you find yourself facing this kind of battle, it certainly helps to have one of the UK’s leading employment law experts in your corner.

Avoiding an employment tribunal

Of course, the best way to minimise the effects of an employment tribunal is to avoid being served with papers in the first place. To this end, some of the invaluable services Peninsula provides include:
  • Watertight contracts of employment to cover every eventuality, and other documentation for employment and health and safety
  • 24/7 employment law helpline for urgent queries such as disciplinary matters, pay, transfer of business or accusations of discrimination or harassment
  • Employer advice on maternity leave, sick pay entitlement, holiday pay and all other types of leave, plus an absence management calendar to keep track of it all
Often, arranging a settlement with the claimant can reduce hassle and wasted time, sidestep tribunal costs, and prevent your reputation being tarnished. Peninsula’s employment tribunal services team will advise you openly and honestly if they feel this is the best way to proceed, and guide you to a speedy and cost-effective resolution. Of course, it’s worth remembering that we also provide an employer insurance option – which means if a client follows our advice to the letter, many of the costs incurred by employment tribunals could be covered. This service is ideal for employers who want to be fully prepared for any scenario. For further information about our employment tribunal services, from advice and support to representation, contact the Peninsula team today to discuss your requirements.

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