Here’s how you can pass a WRC inspection

Keith Canavan

September 10 2019

Any inspection of your premises can be nerve-wracking. When the WRC comes knocking, it can seem almost overwhelming.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The WRC state that they seek to “achieve a culture of compliance with employment law.” So, if you’re an employer who stays in line with the law, you need not worry.

Nerves are common all the same, but as always, Peninsula is here to help.

What to expect

Before your WRC inspection, expect to receive an appointment letter with a proposed date and time. The WRC allows you the chance to change the date/time if it doesn’t suit, provided you have a valid reason.

When it comes to location, the inspector will assume your business is where you say it is, because well, why wouldn’t they? Again, if you would prefer the inspection to happen elsewhere, they’ll consider your alternative as long as it’s not a private residence. So maybe try a coffee shop.

One final important pre-inspection note ─ an inspector may show up unannounced.

The big inspection

When the big day arrives, your inspector will determine whether you’re compliant with relevant employment law or not.

If you’re wondering why you’re business is under inspection, it can be for several reasons, including:

  • In response to complaints received of alleged non-compliance;
  • As part of the WRC’s compliance campaigns, or,
  • Routine inspections.

The inspector is also required to produce their Warrant of Appointment before the inspection begins.

How to prepare

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s true, and most of us have learned it the hard way. Preparing for a WRC inspection is pretty straightforward when it boils down to it. Ensure your inspector has up-to-date employment records on the day of the inspection, and everything should be fine.

In general, you’re required by law to retain employment records for a period of three years. Certain records, parental leave documents for instance, are subject to longer retention periods.

When you receive notification of the inspection, you’ll also receive a questionnaire. Treat this questionnaire as if it were gold. If you fill it out, it’ll make the process a whole lot easier.

It’s also your responsibility to cooperate and assist the inspector in the inspection process. So, if they ask for further information, oblige.

Keep your records in order

By keeping your employment records in order, you reduce the chances of receiving a caution. The WRC state that “the maintenance of statutory records is a key element of ensuring compliance” and also leads to better employee protection.

Keep your employment records up to date, and passing your WRC inspection should be a breeze.

Need our help?

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