Lone Working Risk Assessment

As an employer, you have a duty to ensure the health and safety of staff and anyone who uses your premises.

And if your business employs staff who work by themselves, you’ll need to consider specific risks that impact these lone workers.

Employees in a wide range of businesses and industries can sometimes be required to work on their own.

If you have staff that are lone workers, it follows that you’ll need to carry out a lone working risk assessment.

To help you with this exercise, we’re offering you a lone working risk assessment template to download. This resource helps demonstrate the type of issues that you need to assess as part of your health and safety practices.

This lone working risk assessment example specifically helps you assess staff who may be at higher risk while working alone.

The download also gives you a good indication of the risks and control measures that need to be considered as part of a lone working risk assessment checklist. 

Need help with lone working risk assessments?

Failing to comply with health and safety law puts a business at considerable risk.

To cover health and safety in a workplace that employs lone workers, you need a bespoke risk assessment of your workplace.

Download your free lone working risk assessment form today to begin safeguarding your staff and business.  

To cover health and safety in the workplace, a business should have the following in place:

  • A clearly defined health & safety policy. This should include relevant procedures and allocation of responsibilities.
  • A bespoke risk assessment of your workplace.
  • Regular health and safety management reviews.
  • Relevant health and safety training.

This is where Peninsula’s extensive health and safety services help.

We provide specialist software for health and safety, as well as 24-hour advice for any health and safety enquiries. For any other HR or health and safety assistance, you can call our team of specialists on 0818 923 923

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