Contracts & documentation service

How much better would it be to know that your staff contracts and documentation help prevent penalties, especially when one can be as much as £95,000? With Peninsula, you’re free from worrying about getting the law right. We’ll craft documents to suit your business perfectly, reducing financial risk while keeping you in control. Here’s how…

Our service includes

Employment contracts

Policies & procedures

Recruitment and staff management forms


Although Peninsula has HR and employment law experts in every industry, we still work closely with you to learn the precise way your business works.

Using our wealth of experience for your specific needs, we’ll create watertight contracts for all types of staff via the legally required written statement of main terms and conditions.

Company handbook

Your company handbook is the quickest and easiest way to show new staff what you expect from them and what isn’t acceptable behaviour while they’re working for you.

It will also include all the important policies and processes that you rely on to manage your staff, such as sick leave, grievances and disciplinaries.


We’ll create or update any bespoke documentation you need to keep your business safe, including:

  • Recruitment forms
  • Absence reports
  • Staff appraisal forms
  • Return to work forms
  • Change to personal details
  • Exit interview forms
  • Holiday request forms
  • Parental leave records

For a free review of your documents or to talk through your business needs with a contracts and documentation expert, please contact us today.

Get total HR support

Start giving your business the protection it deserves. Join Peninsula for a complete staff management support service that includes:

  • 24-hour client advice line: Get answers to any management query, anytime
  • Legal representation & insurance: Cost-saving cover in case you ever face a tribunal
  • On-site HR support: Experts who solve HR issues at your premises
  • Online HR software: Say goodbye to lost staff management paperwork

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