Losing sleep over a disciplinary, grievance or any other HR issue with your employee?

Peninsula Face2Face comes to you and deals with it all on-site & in just one day

Get the on-site HR support you need…

…When an Peninsula Face2Face consultant from Peninsula visits your business and solves your issue in just one day.

Because although HR is complex, we make it easy for you in four simple steps:

  • Arrange meetings and prepare you in advance
  • Visit your premises to chair or support you in meetings
  • Hold any necessary investigations
  • Give you a positive outcome and full documentation

That way, you can get back to concentrating on running your business.

Let Peninsula Face2Face take the stress away, straight away

Disciplinary, grievance, investigation, appeal or any other HR issue?

Talk to our UK-based experts and we’ll start solving your staff management problems today.

Call our helpline for free advice now on 0844 800 7051

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