A word from our founder: Businesses need these three New Year's resolutions

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Peter Done

Peter Done, Group Managing Director and Founder

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Any good year in business starts with fresh ambition, a fresh mindset, and fresh goals.

And as we’re getting back into the swing of a routine again after Christmas, now is not the time to slow down.

I believe there are three key New Year’s resolutions that businesses should keep each year. These are constants that might seem obvious, but it’s still easy to neglect the obvious.

The first is having clear and tangible goals - because when you’re striving for success, you need a solid roadmap. This will help you figure out realistic deadlines for what you want to achieve, without the risk of burning yourself out before you reach the finish line.

So a manageable (and more easily monitorable) way of measuring success is to set yourself goals throughout the year that you can keep under review.

That way you can see what you’re doing that’s working and where there’s room for innovation and change. And the more you assess, problem-solve, and think outside the box, the better your chances are of achieving your goals.

Which leads to the next resolution – drive. Because achieving your goals is very difficult without it.

When you want something hard enough, you’re more likely to get it because you go out of your way to make things happen. If something doesn’t go right, you try something else. You’re not deterred by failure – it only pushes you all the more.

Drive then goes hand in hand with ambition.

You don’t want to make it impossible to live up to your own expectations, but you should never stop thinking big. Your goals and your drive exist to help you achieve your ambition.

And at Peninsula, we strive to help you achieve your goals and keep your business on a safe and successful path with:

  • 24-hour advice – so you can fact-check any HR or Health & Safety query or concern.
  • Documentation support – so you have peace of mind that your paperwork is legally safe and up to date.
  • HR software – so you can save time, stress and risk tracking staff absences, sharing rotas, or storing sensitive documents.
  • Tribunal support – so you have full legal support if the worst ever happens and an employee makes a claim.

It’s our job to look after your business while you focus on growing and sustaining it.

Managing a business is no small feat. Every year promises challenges and difficult setbacks, but our team of HR and Health & Safety experts are there to help you overcome them.

So on behalf of everyone here at Peninsula, I wish you all the best in the year ahead. And don’t forget if you ever need us, just pick up the phone.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you achieve your business goals, book in for a free advice call today.

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