On 1st September 2016, the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Order will come into effect, applying to school teachers in England and Wales. Accompanying the Order is the “School teachers’ pay and conditions document 2016 and guidance on school teachers’ pay and conditions”.

When this comes into force, the 2015 Order will be revoked. The main changes from the 2015 Order relate to the September 2016 pay award.

In line with the recommendations in the School Teachers’ Review Body’s 26th Report:

i. A 1% uplift has been applied to the statutory minima and maxima of all pay ranges in the national pay framework, including allowances;

ii. Where a classroom teacher/leadership group member is paid on the minimum of their pay range/band, their salary – excluding any allowances – must be uplifted to the new minimum;

iii. For all other classroom teachers/leadership group members, schools must determine – in accordance with their own pay policy – how to take account of the uplift to the national framework in making individual pay progression decisions.