Early Conciliation Representation

All individuals who want to bring a claim to Tribunal will need to contact Acas (Advisory, Conciliatory and Arbitration Service) before their claim can proceed. Tribunal claims will not be accepted when the prospective claimant has not already contacted Acas.

This is because Acas must offer the potential claimant the chance to settle a dispute before it becomes a tribunal claim.

Briefly, the process includes:

  • The potential claimant must contact Acas to register their intent to make a claim;
  • Acas will attempt to contact the potential claimant to offer their conciliation services. Importantly, the potential claimant does not have to take up the offer of conciliation;
  • If the potential claimant does want to try conciliation, Acas will contact the employer to let them know that their employee/ex-employee is contemplating making a claim and would like to try to settle it before it goes to tribunal;
  • If the employer agrees to enter into conciliation discussions, Acas will attempt to reach conciliation.

If conciliation succeeds, the dispute ends and a tribunal claim cannot be made. If conciliation fails, or if either party do not want to try it, the potential claimant can then go on to bring a tribunal claim.

Peninsula’s Early Conciliation Representation Service will be your representative throughout the entire Early Conciliation process. All you have to do is let us know that Acas have been in contact with you and we will do the rest, including speaking to Acas on your behalf, and importantly, advising you whether a settlement is the best route for you, which it may not be. If it is, we will assess the value of the potential claim and advise you on an appropriate settlement amount.