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Free your time and get back to the job you love with BrightHR’s award-winning workforce management tech.

Our service includes

Absence & holiday management

Shift & rota planning

Clock in & out system

Unlimited document storage

Introducing BrightHR

Did you know that 62% of small business owners work over 50 hours a week? And 39% work a staggering 60+ hour week. But are they working on the job they love or losing time to a mountain of paperwork?

When it comes to your business, think how much better life would be if you cut out daily admin like building staff rotas, approving holidays, and searching for staff contracts.

You’d be free to focus on the work you enjoy. Free to grow your business. Free to go home on time. That’s what BrightHR lets you do. Find out how…

Here’s how BrightHR saves you time every day

Log in to BrightHR on your computer or with the free iOS and Android mobile app and do all your HR tasks in a matter of minutes.

Manage absences in a click: Your staff use the BrightHR app to ask for holiday and other absences. You approve or decline requests with a tap of your phone. BrightHR calculates holidays, sickness and time off in lieu, so you stay on top of staff’s working hours.

Plan and share rotas: Build, draft and make changes to rotas online and send them to your team with the BrightHR app. Then get instant notifications when your staff have seen the rota, so you know that they know when to turn up to work.

Store staff data safely: Keep your staff’s personal details safe and confidential with unlimited cloud storage space. Access the info anytime from the app and save yourself from searching high and low for files.

No more spreadsheets. No more paperwork. No more broken HR systems that don’t speak to each other. Just one simple tool that makes every working day easier.

Why do 14,370 businesses choose BrightHR?

It’s simple. 14,370 UK business owners use BrightHR every day because it saves them from stress and gives them more time to live their lives. And the fact they get it for as little as £3 a month probably has something to do with it too…

Don’t worry—you can still choose to work 60 hour weeks if you want. But if you do, don’t spend it on admin. Spend it doing something you love.

Book a demo today and see first-hand how BrightHR will free your life from time draining HR.

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