Five ways to cut the time you spend on HR

Kate Palmer - HR Advice and Consultancy Director

October 05 2021

From holiday requests to conduct concerns, you’re far too busy for daily staff management. But without spending a large chunk of time on HR, you’re left to pick up the pieces of an unhappy workforce. 

So that’s a bad morale. A high staff turnover. And a huge drop in productivity.  

Sound familiar? Then you’ll be searching for ways to cut time on your HR – without cutting corners. And here’s how…  

1. Deal with conduct issues, fast 

Conduct issues can quickly grow from a niggling problem into a constant drain on your time. Because when you don’t nip a staff issue in the bud, the problem only grows.  

Imagine if you overheard two staff members having a quick passive aggressive exchange.  

Without addressing it, tensions could grow between the pair. Before you know it, you’re disciplining them for having a full-scale argument… which takes much longer than pulling them aside for an initial chat. Plus, a big workplace row can spiral into a widespread toxic atmosphere.  

Which means more time cleaning up a bad morale. More lost working hours due to unproductive staff. And more stress dealing with complex disciplinary procedures.  

To save time, act fast unlimited HR advice. With 24/7 access to employment law experts, you’ll get support to manage small staff issues as soon as they strike. And that saves you from tackling a much bigger conduct issue down the line.   

2. Prevent conduct issues in the first place  

With the right polices in place, there’s zero confusion around staff conduct.  

A detailed employee handbook means you set out your workplace culture and rules from day one. So your employees should already know exactly how to: 

  • Conduct themselves in (and out of) work  
  • Manage their personal and workplace social media 
  • Book time off correctly and provide enough notice 
  • Follow your workplace dress code  
  • Call in sick using the right process  

And much more.  

As staff won’t need to keep coming to you for guidance, you deal with less lengthy back-and-forth. Plus, you reduce the risk of any staff misconduct – so you’re saving heaps of time by not needing to manage disputes or disciplinaries.  

3. Get tribunal insurance, just in case  

No one expects to face a tribunal.  

But whether you’re thinking about court claims or not, the risk of a tribunal looms over every big employment decision you make. And understandably, that can make you too cautious when it comes to handling major conduct issues. 

For example, you might be dealing with a seriously lazy member of staff. And if the fear of a dismissal claim is what’s stopping you from letting them go, you’re giving yourself much more work.  

Because instead of hiring a more productive replacement, you spend all your time chasing your employee and managing their conduct.   

When you get legal insurance, you free yourself from that wasted time and worry. You’re able to make faster employment decisions – without the fear of a costly tribunal claim holding you back.  

4. Use software to free yourself from staff admin  

Figures show that HR professionals spend around 40 percent of their time on tasks they could easily automate. 

So whether you’re manually creating reports, sharing rotas, or updating staff details, make your life simpler with HR software. And with BrightHR, all that hard work is done for you in a click.  

That’s because your staff use Bright software to: 

  • Clock in and out of work 
  • Book their holiday and TOIL   
  • Track and record expenses  
  • Update their own personal details  

And instead of doing the number crunching yourself, BrightHR transforms the data into easy-to-read reports for you.  

Plus, you can assign shifts and share rotas at the touch of a button. Since you can save and duplicate your rotas, you won’t need to reach out to staff individually or manually update shift times every week.  

When you automate all those tasks, your time is freed up to do what you do best – running your business.  

5. Or just outsource it all to the experts…   

The average salary for an in-house HR manager is £48,183 per year.  

And if you’d rather avoid that expense, you might decide to handle all your HR yourself. Which means you’re spending far too much time dealing with staff issues and paperwork – instead of helping your business thrive. 

But you don’t need to choose between saving time or money…  

With Peninsula, you can outsource all your personnel work for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new HR manager. That includes: 

  • All your staff documentation, written for you by employment law experts. 
  • Unlimited access to our 24-hour HR advice line.  
  • Face-to-face support for when you’re facing your toughest staff challenges. 
  • Tribunal representation and legal insurance, just in case.  
  • Time-saving software to log annual leave, track lateness, make and share rotas, and much more.  
  • An Employee Assistance Programme to help your staff overcome any personal issues.  

Ready to leave your HR with the experts? Get your no-obligation quote for unlimited support today. 

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