Essentials Package

As a business owner and employer it is essential that you have key areas of your business protected and more importantly you keep them maintained and up to date with changes in legislation and regulations. As with any growing business, employees are essential to its success. In order for you to protect your employees and fulfil your legal obligations there are a number of essential areas that need to be considered: Designed specifically for businesses with 5 or fewer employees, our Essentials Package provides a practical solution so that you can be confident that you are meeting these obligations! Providing you with peace of mind that you are complaint when it comes to managing your employees and keeping them safe in your workplace. The Essentials Package offers support, advice, protection and consultancy. We also tailor the service to ‘fit in’ with your business, enabling you to concentrate on the day to day business activities.

Health & safety

Understanding your Health & Safety responsibilities and keeping them up to date can sometimes feel like a mind field. It doesn’t need to be! Our health & safety service takes a complex issue and makes it simple and manageable. Working closely with you and your business our expert consultants will provide a simple framework, bespoke to your company. We will then guide you through the key essential health and safety practices and help you to implement them into your workplace. What Does The Service Provide? Simplicity! Health & Safety really can be easy with our health & safety service which provides:

  • Health & Safety Compliance Review & Action Plan
  • Bespoke Responsibilities Planner
  • 24/7 Dedicated H&S Advice Line
  • H&S Reference Library & Stationery
  • Full subscription to BusinessSafe Online (Health & Safety Online Management Tool)
  • Optional Insurance providing cover for the costs of defending safety prosecutions/ enforcement action.

Employment law

We firmly believe that getting the foundations in place from the start is paramount and our service is tailored around setting the foundations and then helping you to implement and grow. Whether you need support and advice, protection or consultancy help – our Essentials Package is designed to provide that peace of mind and assistance, so that you can move your business in the right direction. We can help make a real difference to your business, by supporting you in managing your employees. What Does The Service Provide? Peace of Mind! Support and advice to make sure you are fully compliant with new and changing legislation, throughout the full employee lifecycle, covered by:

  • Bespoke suite of employment contracts, policies and procedures for your employees
  • Updating of employment documentation as a result of new legislation or changes in your business
  • 24/7 Employment Advice Line
  • Employment Tribunal Support
  • Employment Reference Library & Stationery
  • Optional Insurance covering your legal expenses and even tribunal awards, that may result from an Employment Tribunal.

Employee wellbeing

Our Employee Wellbeing service is focussed around looking after and supporting your most valuable resource, your employees! Poor employee wellbeing, can create low productivity and unplanned absence, affecting your business when you least expect it. With our Employee Wellbeing Service, we provide your employees with the dedicated support framework of counsellors to help them with any personal issues they may have. What Does The Service Provide? Cost Savings! As an employer you will benefit from significant cost savings, whilst having the opportunity to promote the additional benefits of a superior EAP service to your staff. We offer the following essential services direct to your employees: 24/7 Telephone Helplines

  • Telephone Counselling including Debt Support, Stress, Serious Illness and Accident Support.
  • Structured Telephone Counselling
  • GP Call Back & Medical Advice

Face to Face

  • Up to 8 counselling sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


  • Personal Coaching tool
  • Online Health Assessments
  • Medical Fact Sheets
  • Emotional online video support

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