Here’s what I know: you can only fix a faulty culture from the top

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

February 09 2022

This past month, two British institutions have been rocked by scandals.

While behaviour from Met Police officers sparked claims of misogyny and racism, Downing Street staff provoked criticism for breaching lockdown rules. After leaked text messages and party rumours, both institutions are left to salvage trust with the general public.  

The question is, who shoulders the blame?

It would be easy to point the figure at the small circle of officers or staff at the very heart of the scandal. However, a pattern of rule-breaking can often stem from a deeper cultural issue.

And it’s the same for your business, too.

Of course, you’re bound to get a few problematic staff every now and again. But when this happens, you should be prepared to step in – immediately – and signpost these employees to your company values.

If you leave poor conduct unchecked, it can quickly spiral into widespread behaviour. Meaning one trouble-maker can tarnish your entire reputation…

So, set out the values you would like all staff to embody. When it comes to values, they should be enshrined in every corner of your business – from top to bottom. And of course, you should lead by example if you’d like staff to respect the rules you set out.

Setting these values from the top – and enforcing them – means you have complete control over the positive image you want to project.

Then, turn these values into concrete rules that your workforce can follow. When you add these to watertight contracts, you protect yourself from any disputes down the line.

And remember, always take swift and decisive action whenever an employee breaks their contract.

With Peninsula by your side, you can do just that. Whenever staff make a move that could risk your reputation, call your dedicated advisers. Plus, with documentation support, you can make sure your staff contracts uphold the values that matter to you. 

So whether you want to add values to your employee handbook or have a question about your disciplinary process, call us now on 0844 892 2772.

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