Sample Severe Weather & Travel Disruption Policy

It’s minus degrees and your staff are stuck, stranded, and stressed.

They can’t get into work due to dangerous conditions. So, how do you respond? Do you allow staff to work remotely or make up time another day? And if you need to close your business, what are your rules on pay?

Your free sample policy outlines a legal roadmap for you and your employees to follow when extreme weather strikes…

Download your sample and you’ll see what a consistent severe weather policy looks like – helping you:

  • Avoid time-wasting – by outlining what to do in any event where staff cannot get to work.
  • Avoid uncertainty – by explaining to staff your rules for home working, pay, and layoffs.
  • Avoid work or business loss – by setting up agreements for flexible working, making up lost time, and alternative modes of travel.
  • Avoid risk – by protecting your actions against any worker who doesn’t follow the rules.

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