Here’s what I know: the vaccination programme is a shot in the arm for business

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

May 05 2021

The streets, parks and city centres are beginning to look busier now as things slowly begin to get back to normal. All the indicators suggest we are beginning to come out of the COVID pandemic. It’s been a challenging year for everyone. But due to the success of the vaccination programme and regular testing, the number of cases and hospital admissions are reducing dramatically on a weekly basis.  

Since November 2020 we’ve been developing software to enable employers and businesses to monitor vaccine uptake among their employees. We’ve put a huge amount of R&D into it and invested many hundreds of thousands of pounds on its development.   

With our online vaccine tracker, VaccTrak, you can keep track of who’s had the COVID-19 vaccine in your business. As well as updating your employees’ profiles to easily record who’s been vaccinated, you can download regular reports to see who’s been vaccinated so you can keep your people safe during the vaccine roll-out.  

VaccTrak enables you as a business owner to get your employees back to work in a safe and efficient way while also educating your employees on the benefits of the vaccine. Our e-learning products will help you ensure your premises are COVID-safe to boost the confidence of both your employees and your customers.  

As a VaccTrak protected premises, you’ll have a potential advantage over your competitors who may not be able to claim this extra level of safety. Feedback tells us that it provides a huge level of peace of mind for both employees and customers. We’ve had a massive take-up so far with more than 7,000 businesses already downloading this new online tool.   

VaccTrak is part of a whole range of services that we at Peninsula can offer as you may perhaps for the first time be contemplating re-opening your business, set against an ever-changing backdrop of legislation around the pandemic.  

We’re abreast of all the issues. Whether you’re back to hiring again, whether you’re facing issues with employees reluctant to have the vaccine, whether you’re struggling with how to make your premises COVID-safe, we at Peninsula can help you every step of the way.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance whatever challenges you may be facing; our Employment Law or Health & Safety experts are always happy to help you. Or for more information on VaccTrak, contact Jenny Marsden on 0800 783 0339 or at

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