The employer’s menopause toolkit

07 October 2022

According to research, the UK could lose 14 million working days a year due to menopause-related symptoms. And with 1 million workers due to quit over a lack of workplace support, it’s essential you give your staff the support they need.

You don’t have to let absences or resignations drain your business.

In just five steps, you can learn to support your staff and reduce disruption. Discover how with your free menopause toolkit below…

Educate yourself with your free guide

How should employers reduce discrimination risk? How can menopause affect people differently? And what practical steps should you take to ease symptoms at work?

When you know the answers to these questions, you can start to build a menopause-positive workplace. Then, you can reap the benefits of a happier and healthier team.

Discover all these answers and more inside your free employers guide.

Your free menopause guide

Learn how to support your staff through menopause with your free guide

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Meet your duty of care with your free policy

With a dedicated menopause policy, your staff know you take their symptoms seriously. As a minimum, your policy should outline the support you provide – and how employees can access it.

To learn what else to include in your policy, download your free sample below.

Crafted by HR experts, it details everything you need to cover. Then, you can use it to create your own policy and show that you’re a responsible and supportive employer.

Your free menopause policy

Learn to create an expert menopause policy with your free sample

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Learn the essentials with your expert infographic

From rising resignations to increasing tribunals, it’s never been more important to take menopause seriously at work. 

Here are the worrying statistics every employer should know about...

Learn the menopause essentials

Discover the need-to-know facts with your expert infographic

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Offer third-party counselling to your staff

Menopause is often gruelling for staff.

And while you want to support them, it’s unlikely you’re trained to guide them through psychological or physical symptoms. That’s why many employers use an employee assistance programme to outsource specialist support.

With Peninsula’s EAP, your staff have round-the-clock access to:

  • A 24-hour medical line – so employees can always reach out to a trained nurse about their symptoms.
  • In-person counselling – face-to-face sessions with a qualified counsellor to manage any emotional difficulties.
  • Online support – give your team access to specialist wellbeing tools and resources to manage their mental health.

Because when staff feel supported at work, they’ll repay you with loyalty, productivity, and more. 

Discover expert third-party counselling

See how Peninsula’s EAP helps reduce staff absence by as much as 45%

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Speak to a HR expert

Your sickness policy? It could discriminate against people with menopause.

Your workplace risk assessments? It might aggravate symptoms for your staff.

Every single aspect of your workplace should be menopause-friendly. So whenever you make workplace changes, it’s best you reach out to your consultants at Peninsula. They’ll inform you how to avoid disruption and discrimination claims. 

And if you’re not a Peninsula client, call now for a free consultation. Make sure your workplace is menopause friendly and risk-free on 0800 028 2420.

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