Here’s what I know: we need to value young people in the workplace

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

August 04 2022

Employers may be reluctant to hire someone who doesn’t have much – if any – experience. This is why young talent is so often overlooked…

Hiring a young person who lacks experience feels like a risky choice. But in denying them an opportunity, leaders deny themselves the chance to adopt new skills, attitudes, and insights.

The UK is facing a skills gap crisis, with so many young people unable to access opportunities to develop their skills. Providing practical experience and support will help kickstart careers and close that gap.

We need to see the value young people can bring to a workplace. What value do they bring? Perspective. Potential. And endless possibilities.

You have a chance to open doors for someone, and in return, they open doors for you.

Not only that, but young people can help develop your workforce. When your staff have an opportunity to train and mentor a young worker, it helps them grow too. They learn how to be a successful leader, which means greater progression and greater results.

You might be the teacher, but you also learn - whether that’s about your teaching style or how to update outdated practices you’ve used for years.

And there are so many ways you can offer young people pathways into your business. It could be via an apprenticeship, internship, or paid employment.

You choose what’s best for you.

The younger generation has spent their whole lives around technology. They’re well adapted to the digital age. The world of social media.

Giving them a chance in your workplace could open up opportunities for you. You can adopt new software. Reach new audiences. Boost brand awareness.

They have the skills and the potential – they just need the opportunity.

Find a young person who’s committed and has all the right values, and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

We want you to feel confident with every new hire, which is why we offer support with:

  • performance reviews
  • new starter contracts
  • company handbooks
  • recruitment forms

and more.

Your success is our success. So, give us a call on 0800 028 2420 to talk it through with your adviser today.

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