BusinessWise: Forward Planning To Prevent Holiday Nightmares

Peninsula Team

March 11 2011

When it comes to approving staff annual leave it is important to take into account the effect this has on your business. While it is necessary for employees to have time away from work, it is also important to make sure businesses are not left short-staffed at busy times. The imminent Easter break, along with the announcement of an extra public holiday, can make planning for staff annual leave a logistical nightmare.

With the upcoming Royal Wedding on 29th April sandwiched between the Easter Bank Holidays and May Day Bank Holiday, it is possible that employees can spend almost 2 weeks away from work whilst only using 3 days of their annual leave entitlement. With staff members aware of this, businesses have been experiencing an influx of holiday requests for these dates. This, coupled with the fortnight half-term school holidays, has the potential to leave managers not knowing whether they are coming or going.

Using the BusinessWise Absence Planner Report within EmployWise can help to alleviate some of the hassle caused by the above issues. By providing an at-a-glance monthly calendar, users can see immediately just how many members of staff are going to be absent on any given day. The report can be viewed as a company wide planner or filtered by individual departments, helping managers to approve or reject holiday requests based on attendance figures. This can prove to be crucial when it comes to ensuring you have enough staff cover for busy periods.

If leave is approved, simply navigate to the Absences section and enter the holiday into the system. Your Absence Planner will be updated immediately ensuring that the next holiday request can be dealt with efficiently using the amended, up-to-date information.

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