Directors Cut: Gender Pay Gap

Peninsula Team

November 08 2012

It seems that measures in the pipeline to eradicate the pay deficit between men and women can’t come quick enough, as women maintain the fight to be paid as much as men. New powers for tribunals to order equal pay audits may make employers think twice about pay deficits between men and women in the same jobs. This move should complement the ban on secrecy clauses in contracts of employment that was implemented via the Equality Act two years ago. Although the audits won’t be an automatic obligation, they are likely to highlight where discrimination has been rife, particularly in the private sector where the gender pay gap is greater than in the public sector. Naming and shaming appears to be high on the government’s priority list for employers who, in one way or another, are pay offenders. What do you think? Do you believe we live in a society where once sex is treated different than the other, as always I’m eager to hear your response below.   By Alan Price

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