Directors Cut: Younger vs. Older Workers

Peninsula Team

August 26 2011

The question is can the age of an employee affect the productivity and overall success of a firm? It is worth evaluating where within your firm would best suit each and every one of your employees in order to make the most of their relevant skills.  

Older workers can often offer a wealth of experience and expertise to a job but, with this, they may have firmly established habits and ways in which they like to do things. They may be more resistant to suggestions of change preferring the familiarity of what they are already be used to. Their loyalty to the firm is likely to be second-to-none but they may have a tendency to take more sick-days than their younger counterparts. You should keep their preferences in mind but ensure that this does not compromise the success of your business. 

Younger workers can often bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm to a workplace offering insightful and bright ideas. Their ‘out-of –the-box’ thinking can re-invigorate a firm’s strategy and generate new ways of tackling business. You may need to take extra care to ensure they remain focused as with any employee but, in doing so, it is likely to generate great results for the firm. 

The nature of your business will dictate as to which age group of employees will best suit you and your company. Whilst it is important not to discriminate against employees according to their age, it is wise to keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each age bracket. In exploiting their relative strengths, your business can ensure to make the most of its staff and reap the benefits of both experience and innovative ideas. 

Here at Peninsula we employ staff of all ages, both young and old. One needs to remember not to discriminate on the grounds of age discrimination as such awards at employment tribunal can be costly and newsworthy.

So in your opinion who do you feel would make the better employee? Should it make much of a difference? I’d welcome your comments and views, please email me at

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