New From The Employment Advice Service - dedicated Absence Management Team

Peninsula Team

January 28 2014

Reports show that an employer spends on average, per year, £975 on each absent employee in their business. This is a phenomenal amount of money, especially for small businesses who are already trying to navigate the economy with as few overheads as possible. At Peninsula, we recognise the need to drive down sickness absence costs and because of this, we have made developments within our Advice Service. We are, therefore, extremely excited to announce a new specialist team within our Employment Advice Services department, the High Risk Absence Management Team.  This is a team of established employment law advisers who are dedicated solely to assisting you on the following subject matters which surround the topic of employee sickness absence:
  • Welfare meetings;
  • Absences covered by the Equality Act 2010;
  • Medical suspension;
  • Occupational health intervention;
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures which are on hold due to sickness;
  • Grievances which are complicated by allegations of disability discrimination;
  • Persistent short term absences covered by the Equality Act 2010;
  • Medical capability processes;
  • Long-term absences covered by fit notes.
Nearly a third of all working time lost to absence is reportedly caused by long term conditions (non-work related mental health issues, chronic back pain etc) that can drag on endlessly if they are not addressed, costing you more money. A fair procedure is required to deal with employees in this situation and our dedicated team will proactively help you fulfil your obligations. The high cost of absences within businesses highlights the value of a strong focus on managing health by all employers. Developed in conjunction with our leading cloud-based solution, hronline, discussions with our High Risk Absence Management Team can assist you to identify threats to the well-being of your employees and can assist you to proactively manage sickness absence within your business with the speed you require. Call us on 0844 892 2772 so we can direct you to an adviser on the HRAM team. Corporate and Priority clients should continue to contact their Business Partner for advice on all types of sickness absence.

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