Health Assured Article Bottom Line February 2012.

Peninsula Team

January 27 2012

Sometimes it can be difficult to balance the pressures of work with the needs of home and personal life.  We recognise employers and employees alike sometimes need additional help to deal with the challenges we all face in life, both practical and emotional.  Your Peninsula Health Assured EAP is designed to provide you with personal support day or night.

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential life management and personal support service, available to you 24 hours a day, 366 days of the year. The service offers a quick and confidential, highly professional way to resolve the challenges and unfamiliar situations you may encounter in everyday life.  The EAP can greatly assist you to achieve a positive balance in your life.  For practical concerns your EAP provides you with a range of accessible information, via our qualified and experienced specialist team.

Telephone Service
You can have complete peace of mind that your counsellor will be fully qualified and accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). They are trained to empathically help you reach a decision, sort out confused feelings, attempt a different approach, or just find a better way of living with a problem which will not go away.

Face to Face Counselling
Health Assured operates a network of over 1,000 BACP accredited counsellors across the entire United Kingdom.  If your telephone based counsellor feels face to face counselling is clinically appropriate and required, we will fund up to 8 sessions.  If you went to market to obtain these services you would be looking at an approximate cost of £77.00 per session!

Online Health Portal
Our online service gives you access to a wealth of additional information at your fingertips. To access this service please go to

The service offers:
• Emotional Support – factsheets and video content
• Medical Factsheets –Written by specialists in an informative and easily digestible format
• Health & Safety compliant stress coaching tool
• Health Assessments
• Fitness Resource and the ability to create bespoke your own exercise plans

Remember, your EAP is operated by Health Assured an independent external organisation which work to a robust professional code of the strictest confidentiality. Only in the most extreme of circumstances would confidentially ever be broken – for example in the event of a life being in danger. So you can rest assured, Health Assured will look after you and your employees.

For any further information on EAP please call the service support line on
0800 047 4097.

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