How Mobile Devices Can Help Businesses On The Move

Peninsula Team

October 22 2010

Mobile devices have evolved at great pace over the years, and whether you like them or not they are a huge part of our everyday life.
Take the Blackberry for example, now seen by many as their preferred choice of business device to send and receive emails. But there are countless other mobile devices that can prove advantageous for businesses.

The iPad, for example, was introduced at the beginning of 2010 and has revolutionised the tablet. Users are able to connect to the Microsoft Exchange email, edit documents and download thousands of apps that are available for the iPhone making business communication effortless. There are thousands of business apps to take advantage of. In addition, there are facilities that allow you to access the files on your PC remotely, allowing you to show PowerPoint presentations, excel spread sheets or any other corporate information. Also consider that, employees based on the road can submit reports easily as the iPad offers an almost complete computer experience.
Google Android is another example of an operating system that has evolved over the last 12 months. In a battle of the mobile devices to win over the consumer, Google Android is taking on the likes of Blackberry and Apple and it seems to be winning. However there still has to be a lot of convincing in the business world as many people still tend to use the Blackberry.

Recent surveys show that sales of the Blackberry have slowed somewhat as the appeal to businesses of devices such as the iPhone emerge. Apple continues to listen to businesses and there have been numerous updates to its iPhone operating system that are born out of requests from businesses. Also consider battery life, the Blackberry has excellent battery life even with a full day of constant use, whilst the iPhone on the other hand should get through the day, but this isn’t guaranteed based on usage.

With the Blackberry you get a physical keyboard but with the iPhone the input is via the onscreen keyboard which, if you are used to physically typing, may take a short period of time to get accustom to.

Overall, using mobiles for business is beneficial as, for example, you are able to input reports on client meetings and email them back to the office. Also consider the benefits of not having to carry a laptop everywhere with you, with a mobile device you can just throw into a briefcase or even better into a jacket pocket.

A forward thinking business is usually an efficient business and by using mobile phones positively in your company, I am sure you will reap many a benefit.

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