Huge leap in claims about Working Time

Peninsula Team

July 05 2013

HMCTS has published a report showing tribunal statistics for the period 1st January to 31st March 2013, showing a significant jump in the number of claims made in comparison to the same period in 2012. 36% more claims were in early 2013 than were made in early 2012, with a total of 57,737. The number of claims made under the Working Time Directive e.g. holiday pay, maximum working hours has doubled in comparison to last year, making up just over a third of all claims. Second in the list behind Working Time claims were Unlawful Deductions claims (failure to make correct payment etc) making up 16%, followed by Unfair Dismissal claims at 11%. The report also included details on employment tribunal timescales, and gave the ‘average age at disposal’ as 80 weeks. This means, on average, a claim takes 80 weeks to get from the point the claim is made until the date the final judgement is given. 25% of claims are disposed of within 16 weeks, and at the other end of the scale, 75% took 3 years to come to completion. By Nicola Mullineux For any further clarification, please call our 24 Hour Advice Service on 0844 892 2772.

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