The importance in staff investment and training.

Alan Price – CEO at BrightHR

July 07 2015

Investing in staff is extremely important and will clearly help you attain the best from your workforce. Here at Peninsula we invest significantly in staff training, for example within our Advice Service we recently initiated something internally named Peninsula University which is a combination of frequent masterclass sessions led by our senior HR professionals and research team, reinforced with a comprehensive library of documentation designed to educate our HR professionals with current and forthcoming legislation. We always look at how legislation and employment law will commercially affect our clients because it is the direct impact in which many employers are concerned with. Investing in staff training shows that you are committed to developing the future skill-set of your staff - for us it means that we are able to attain the high standards of service that our clients expect. We try to ensure that our training sessions are informative and enjoyable however also the fact that our colleagues can go away better informed and educated. On a personal note I believe it is essential to invest in staff, it really does help to retain your best people, clearly they are less likely to become bored in their job and with new skills brings exciting challenges.  An investment in their future can benefit both you and the individual. However it is worth noting that you should implement a HR policy that allows you to recover costs of staff training should an individual leave your employment within a certain timescale  - this situation does occur and by implementing such a policy it will help protect your training investment. If you require further clarification on this issue or indeed advice then call my team on 0844 892 2772. 

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