Words of wisdom - how to ensure you have a trouble free Christmas Party

Peninsula Team

December 06 2013

As we approach the holiday season many employers will be organising a Christmas party for staff, however it can create a headache not just in terms of cost but also from a logistical perspective; so let me provide you with some words of advice that will hopefully help ensure you have a trouble-free Christmas party. Ensure a member of management is designated to look after the proceedings on the evening - it may mean that they will have to steer clear of the mulled wine. The member of management will be responsible for ensuring there are no significant issues and that all employees behave themselves and conduct themselves in a appropriate manner. They will need to ensure the welfare of employees afterwards, maybe your organisation can help cover the cost of transport to ensure staff travel home safely.  Of course looking after the welfare of your workforce is a responsible job so make sure you reward the member of management accordingly. All employees and management should be aware that the Christmas party is an extension of the working day. Each year we receive a number of advice line calls from employers who fail to realise that the party is very much a part of the working day. Just because it may happen during the evening or in a more relaxed location, it still is very much a fundamental part of work and both employees and management need to behave accordingly. If you have an employee who raises a concern whether it be for harassment or indeed any other complaint then you will need to treat it seriously, as you would if the complaint originated in the workplace. Also we tend to see management acting without thinking of the consequences, dismissing members of staff once they have had a few too many drinks, you would be surprised at how often this occurs. Everybody should be aware of the effects of alcohol especially when it comes to judgement, so all members of staff should refrain from something that they will later regret - the Christmas party is not the place to speak your mind, especially when alcohol is involved. A couple of other pointers, not everyone drinks alcohol so make sure soft drinks are readily available. Also remember to accommodate employees who may not celebrate Christmas, ensure that they are not discriminated in any way. So a few precautions which will hopefully ensure that you have a trouble-free Christmas party and remember my advisors are on hand to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have and to help ensure you have a trouble free event so call us on 0844 892 2772. Alan Price Group Director

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